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Forthcoming book featuring interviews with resiliency experts, including a world champion kick boxer, 6 figure corporate turned digital nomad, contemporary Stoic and more!

You can get first drafts as I write them by signing up on the Facebook page or on the website here.

Time Management from the Inside Out

Time management should make your life easier, not harder. This approach to time management shows you how self-care is the foundation for greater productivity and not an optional extra.

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Stress Less

This is not a book of tips for coping with stress. This book is about the essence of coping with stress, the mindset you must have in place and how attitude and understanding make all the difference.

From the book: “How many decades have we been trying to overcome stress? How many wonderful therapies, drugs, diets, new age this and that, have people tried over the years?

The entrance to the ‘road less travelled’ is to know that all of the above strategies, approaches and techniques work and none of them work.

Here is the key distinction…

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