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Hello, I am Richard Ingate.

I work as a Writer, Lifecoach and Hypnotherapist and draw on my learning and experience of these fields as well as from Buddhism and the Three Principles understanding. 

I work in particular with the theme of ‘resilience’, often in the context of stress at work and it is far more than teaching you a few techniques, this is about waking up to Life.

In the early 1990s I certified in NLP and hypnotherapy. I trained with Eric Robbie and Willie Monteiro, Tad James, Christina Hall to shamelessly drop a few names. Then I qualified as a hypnotherapist with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis (gaining a distinction). Along the way I have upgraded my training with industry leaders such as Adam Eason (hypnotherapy), Ali Campbell (Coaching, NLP and 3 Principles) and Damian Mark Smyth (3 Principles) and Dicken Bettinger (3 principles).

In essence I believe we have innate qualities such as ‘resilience’ that tend to become  more apparent when we learn to quieten down and reduce both the noise of our personal, habitual thinking, and belief in the reality of our own thinking. I have also seen through working with a cognitive behavioural approach that valuable mindset and skills can be ‘ripened’, learned and practised.

What we experience is always our thinking and feeling in the moment. I help people to wake up to what that means, and what it means changes and deepens as the journey continues.

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