Resilience is a set of ordinary skills and is learnable.

It starts with acceptance and understanding of your experience of the world, and continues with choosing better strategies and deliberate practice to make new habits of mind and behaviour that work better.


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The Wake Up Game

Resilience is an innate capacity that comes ‘online’ the more we become aware of how our thoughts and feelings are flowing through us, and how much of it is learned response triggered by internal responses noticing/projecting external events.

Our thinking and feeling is never an objective and accurate recording of ‘reality’.

We can begin to wake up to a deeper mind and a deeper insight and deeper source of strength.

It is simple to begin.

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As your busy mind begins to quieten which it does when you start to notice that the thoughts and feelings are just passing through rather than something to be completely believed in, you begin to act less from ‘negative’ states of mind – create less mess to clear up!

And when the habitual compulsive mind lets go of it’s monopoly of our attention, there is space for other possibilities to naturally occur to you; a creativeness that would not usually occur in our normal busy, noisy minds and lives.

As you begin to trust this process, you begin to thrive in every area of your life.

It is simple to begin.

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As well as an innate capacity, we can also develop skills that increase our resilience and well being. We can make positive and supportive mindsets habits by deliberately practising them. There is an increasing evidence base for the effectiveness of this approach as a general predictor of well being.

This is an integrated approach of insight and mastery of appropriate skills. Increased peace of mind and well being can be enough in themselves (Life IS enough) or can be powerfully brought in to any area of life you wish to change – from business to relationships, you get results based on your grounding either in reality or ‘busy mind’

It is simple to begin.

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“Our tacit model of thought claims that thought just
tells us how things are, and thus we fail to see how thought participates in our perception

in fundamental ways.”

(David Bohm)


Hello, I’m Richard Ingate and this is what I do



Find your centre in the midst of challenge. From obstacles to achievements.

It is simple to begin.

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